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cameraCLEAR® is the pioneer of simple, effective, automated security camera lens cleaning technology. Our product line has created an industry that was much needed, but up to now, non-existent.

After years of development & testing,
this patented technology is available to you...

about cameraclear cameraCLEAR® attaches to any style of bullet, eyeball or dome camera quickly and easily. Simply plug into the camera's DC power supply and the cameraCLEAR® cleaning unit periodically spins into place in front of the camera lens, shreds and removes spiderwebs, clears moisture, dust and dirt, and in seconds drops out of sight, leaving the lens polished and clear as the day it was installed.

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Robust and long lasting, the cleaning unit starts the cycle operation upon plugging in the unit, with no complicated buttons, settings or adjustments. Our solution is the simple and effective answer for security system owners everywhere.

about cameraclearabout cameraclear