Our Story

camerasWe spent years smearing our cameras with greases, sprays, and spider repellants, climbing ladders, cleaning, wiping, poking with brushes on sticks, rags on poles, and in the end, we only ended up with dirty cameras pointing in the wrong direction. Frustrated, we decided to fix these problems once and for all.

Our Solution: The Automatic Lens Cleaner
you’ve been waiting for is here...


Vance E. Kemege
President, cameraCLEAR®, Inc.
Bachelors of Architectural Engineering
Naval Nuclear Propulsion Officer
Fortune 500 Engineering
Company President
Patent Holder

As an owner and a property manager of numerous facilities, my video security and video management systems are my most valuable tools. Unfortunately, maintaining these systems for peak performance was frustrating and time-consuming.

After researching every possible solution to the daily problem of spiderwebs and dirt degrading my expensive and vital video systems, I started to develop a simple yet effective system to automatically clean my cameras every day.

Out of necessity, with determination, testing and innovative design, the SpyderFighter™ was developed and perfected over the last 5 years to combat spiderwebs and in the process we created a product that does so much more - removes not just spiderwebs, but also dirt and moisture from the lens.

Once the cameraCLEAR® simple and cost effective technology is installed on your video systems, no more missed events, no more endless recordings to review due to false motion, no more frustration and wasted time with cleaning poles and ladders and lifts. No more expensive cleaning contracts that only clean 3 times a year.

Only the pure joy of cameraCLEAR® clarity, short event reviews, and trouble-free operation. In short, cameraCLEAR® will eliminate your video security frustrations, and return your valuable camera system to the performance level it was designed for, but prior to cameraCLEAR®, never able to achieve.


Carl J. Campbell
Design Team

Carl Campbell entered the cameraCLEAR® vision into the digital world, 3D output our designs and prototypes, and worked with our design team to fine tune the final products. He is constantly involved in the process of improving our product, developing camera cleaning technologies that build on our intellectual property, and turning our ideas into reality.

With over 30 years of experience in the Aerospace industry, his experience ranges from senior operations systems engineer for payload electrical integration on the Delta IV family of rockets for United Launch Alliance (ULA) in Cape Canaveral Florida to flight test projects of the F-15, F-18 and AV-8BCAD, and is also owner of his own 3D printing services company that manufactures display/flying models of the rockets launched from Cape Canaveral.

He earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Aeronautics from St. Louis University and is a US Air Force veteran.

pix2 The circuit design and programming team spans a number of highly skilled Seattle professionals with extensive experience in the microprocessor industry.

From the circuit part sourcing of a billion dollar company to the hands-on chip engineering and manufacturing of a custom design shop, we pride ourselves with the fact we programmed and developed our product in the USA.