Beverly Park

Side by side comparison:

Two of the four cameras shown below have had cameraCLEAR® cleaning units installed on them for 4 months, and two of the four cameras have not. This dramatic screen shot from an actual apartment building security camera system clearly shows all the benefits achieved by a simple and inexpensive cameraCLEAR® installation:

  1. Crystal clear image quality on cameras #5 and #7 vs muddy, dark, hazy image quality on cameras #4 and #6
  2. Unobstructed view of desired area on cameras #5 and #7 vs limited obscured view with white glowing spider webs on cameras #4 and #6
  3. Recording of images as motion occurs on cameras #5 and #7, and not the constant blue/green recording bar caused by spiderweb motion all night long on cameras #4 and #6. This results in:
    • a) Easy review of motion incidents vs having to watch video all night long to find a desired incident
    • b) More hard drive space for longer storage before being over written
  4. Peace of mind, knowing that if something happens on the property, it will be clearly seen and recorded, as the system was designed to do, but never able to do properly before cameraCLEAR®™.