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Imagine spending thousands of dollars to design and install your security camera system only to have it look like the real system (below) only weeks after installation, and only weeks after each expensive and difficult cleaning. Thefts, incidents and vandalism occur, and you can't see them. Worse, because the spiderweb motion on your infrared cameras causes constant recording (the blue bars shown below), you spend time and money to review hours of recording just to find one incident. And even then, because of the obscured view, nothing useful is recorded.

So you hire someone to clean your cameras (the usual expensive contract is to clean three times per year), and end up spending more money to clean them than you did to buy them! Replacing infrared cameras which attract spiders with non-infrared cameras leaves your night coverage black like camera number 8 below, and does not solve the moisture and dirt problems. Clearly, expensive contracts and avoiding infrared cameras are not the solution.

According to one of the largest international security camera installation companies, over 90% of trouble calls are for moisture, dirt and spider webs blocking the critical view from the cameras. Before cameraCLEAR®, expensive annual maintenance contracts to come to your facility and clean your cameras three times per year were your only option. Even with these contracts in place, three times per year is just not enough in most real environments, inside or out. Bugs and dirt do not follow a schedule.

Now you can clean your cameras everyday, not three times per year. Automatically. No new wiring needed, no expensive contracts, and fast and easy installation. Welcome to cameraCLEAR®...

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